Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Self Esteem

Self esteem is one of the things I struggle with, I think most of us do. Working out has been a great way for me to feel better about myself, not only do I feel strong and productive but the endorphins help balance all those nagging little thoughts of, you are not pretty enough, skinny enough, or good enough. But still every once in a while there are times when those thoughts get the better of me, I look in the mirror and can't figure out why I ever felt good about myself to begin with... I have realized I can't trust my eyes, because I'm not seeing what everyone else does. I try to trust the good I do see and what people say to me but it can be hard when what you are looking at seems to contradict what people are telling you. Many times I have wished I could see what everyone else sees, I recently found this one website that kind of does that

It is a site dedicated to women showing pictures of themselves, including weight and clothing sizes. The whole website is dedicated to showing what real normal women look like (every shape and size). They are not edited or photo shopped, but just raw and real. You can look up women who have the same stats as you and realize they look pretty good and if you saw them in the street, most likely you wouldn't judge them they way you judge yourself. You can also scroll through the gallery and realize what 'real people' look like, instead of a crazy 'ideal' that isn't really possible. I still struggle, I seem to go through ups and downs but it helps to realize I'm normal and normal is pretty good. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm Back!

Well sort of, I was out of town on vacation and wasn't able to keep to my workout schedule... I had all my stuff with me (DVD's, weights, etc.) but my days were soo long that by the end of the day I was dead, and just couldn't bring myself to do the workouts. Luckily my vacation was over the 'recovery' week of p90x and even though I didn't stick to the schedule, there was a lot of physical activity (tons and tons of walking, swimming and things like that) so hopefully I didn't undo all my hard work!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I haven't been working as hard as Amber

But I have been working out!!

We had a big move (big because it's the first time we've moved since being married) and that was quite a workout! Also I've been unpacking boxes almost non-stop for about a week.

I hadn't done Jillian Michaels since we ended last season... I did other workouts though! I even set the timer a few times and just did different workout moves I learned from Jillian. I also did a few dance workouts that can be found on Netflix on demand.

Last night though I felt like pushing myself so I did week 4 of Ripped in 30.... Yeah... I probably should have started at week one again after such a long break, but it was a good challenging workout!

So, that's what I've been up to workout wise since we ended the Season.

ps. I LOVE our new place. 
It's so homey, and cozey and cute! It makes me happy.

What have you been doing to workout since we ended the season?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You Did What!?

Let me start off this post by saying, the push-ups I do are mostly done on my knees and when I do pull-ups, they are done with one leg kicked out on a chair (you still used you upper body like crazy but it isn't quite as hard). It is all still very intense but doing the moves like that, make it so you can steadily build the muscle up, instead of just struggling. 
(The pull ups go something like this)
On Monday I did an hour long workout that consisted mostly of pull-ups and push-ups. It was really hard but I enjoyed it a lot, I pushed myself and it payed off because by the time the workout was over and I had completed 85 pull-ups and a whopping 201 push-ups! After the workout I went and told my husband, whose reaction was something along the lines of...'You did what...!?' This is only the second time I have done this workout, the first time I forgot to write down my numbers (sad!) so I don't have anything to compare my progress to but I'm excited to see how far I can push myself and hopefully I'll have even more progress to report soon!  


Annie, age 29

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With everything I am responsible for at home, my ridiculous work schedule and my health problems, it makes it hard to keep working out on the front burner. But when I heard about this blog, I thought 'why not!'. I'm excited to get started and hopefully I won't die of exhaustion when this is all over!

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I can't fit into my clothes! After getting married and being forced to eat my own cooking, I started gaining weight. The desk job didn't really help. I gained 30 lbs in the past year, and I can really feel it when I try to get dressed in the morning. I am really good at starting diet and exercise programs; but really bad at finishing them. And that's all about to change...

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