Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Won!

I really didn't think I would win, though I have tried like a mad woman to do my best. I am super excited and can't wait to spend my prize money on some new clothes (at least that is what I think I will be spending it on! I'll blog about what I end up doing!) I am super excited to start the next round of our blog and I hope to push myself even harder. I have grown so much, learned so much about who I am and what I am capable of through all this and I feel so blessed to have done it with my sisters! Thanks guys for doing this with me, I love you all!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let's not focus on the past....

I very much lost.

This time.

But next time? I'm winning this. So watch out, ladies!

Proof that I lost:

I gained 1 on the BMI. I know. It could be muscle... but more likely it's chocolate.

I think that this group challenge thing CAN work. It's just up to each of us to really put everything we have into this.

I am ordering a webcam on Monday.

Let's do this thing.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Stats

Well I lost my original body fat%... So I don't know exactly how much that has changed (oops!) but I do have some other measurements I took, so hopefully we can still figure out who won. I have had a great time these last three months, I really got into it and I feel a lot better over all. My self esteem and self worth have really skyrocketed and I have a ton more energy, I just enjoyed the whole thing :)

BMI, -1.1
Weight, -6 pounds


Arms, -1 inch
Thighs, -1 inch
Midsection, -1 inch

I have gained some muscle and even though I don't notice much of a physical difference in my body (though people tell me there is), it is nice to see evidence (and inch over all is pretty good) that it has actually changed some!

My results

I did not win. I can tell you that right now :-)
But I'm okay with that. Because I had a lot of fun, and learned a lot!

Like Annie, I'm very happy to do the Shred every Monday with my sisters (I'm excited for you to get a webcam Helena :) And, as I said in my little "about me" section, I wanted to build my immune system. So far so good!

I haven't gotten sick yet this fall, and normally it would have hit by now.
I can kind of feel myself being close to getting sick sometimes, but I don't think it will last as long as normal if it does happen.

So, I'm happy about that :-)

Now for my results:

My body fat went down by 1.8%
My BMI went up by .3%
and I gained 1.5 lbs

I'm looking forward to seeing who won, and for starting up again!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First! ( but not wanting to be!)

I didn't want to go first......but It's now or never! Confession time. 

    I did not do so well. And I know it. And I knew it throughout. I could do so much better. But I always had an excuse, or was too tired,or too busy. 

   But. What did I get from this experience?  A weekly date with 2 of my sister in laws. Without them, Jillian would have been in the trash. For Reals. I've also really learned to love this girl. She is inspiring and real. I need her drive. Also I have found I love ZUMBA! It is so much fun! (Having a great teacher helps.) 

So even if I didn't win the end prize, I learned things about myself. And I hope, really hope,I will put more effort in next time around. 

Lost: 5lbs. 1.3% body fat and a 1 on the BMI. 

We Are Done!

Life in the Pitts

Well our three month challenge is up, we had a good run and now it is time to face the music!
We are all going to do our final 'weigh in' and find out who won this round. So figure out your BMI and total body fat % and lets figure out our winner!

Who do you think won?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I need to break this cycle somehow.

Hi guys. So I read something yesterday that describes me perfectly.

And I mean perfectly.

I have a hard time staying on top of things. Cleaning, posting, and yes, exercise.

I have the best intentions!

But then I burn out.

And feel guilty.

And avoid it.

It's not a very good cycle.

And I guess I'm not alone.

Here is the post that spoke to me. Maybe it will speak to you, too.

Last Week...

I can't believe it's almost been 3 months already!
It doesn't feel like it.

I'm glad we'll be starting it up again though, because I've been having a lot of fun with challenges and working out and everything.

Last week went well for me, I had breakfast almost every morning, and I added some workouts for my arms.

On Saturday my husband sang at a womens conference that his sister was speaking at, it was all about women, food and how to get healthy.

It was awesome.

We didn't know what the conference was about prior to getting there, otherwise I would have invited everyone to it. The stories people shared were amazing about how they changed their lives, got over food addictions, and got healthy.

One of the tips I heard was to always bring gum with you. So, the idea is that when you are at a function and see the dessert table you just pop in some gum instead of brownies.

Another tip that really stuck with me was when one of the speakers was sharing her experiences: she said "when you shed the weight on the outside, you need to shed the 'weight' on the inside. Get rid of any negative thoughts and feelings you have about yourself. Let it go, just like your weight."

And lastly, this same lady said this when sharing her story "I finally learned how to eat to live, instead of living to eat."  I liked that.

Anyway, it was a good conference :-)

And while I'm sharing tips here are some tips from "The Biggest Loser"

"Eat often -- snack often," says Alexander.  While this may seem contrary to traditional dieting advice, the chef says that as long as you keep an eye on calories and portions, eating often will stave off hunger attacks that ultimately sabotage your diet.

 "Instead of watching the clock during workouts, listen to music," to make the time go faster,says Erik Chopin, TheBiggest Loser's season-three winner.Lyons reminds us that everyday activities, like bike riding, tossing a Frisbee, or walking your dog, count as physical activity, too.
 "When eating out, always ask for a 'to-go' box -- at the start of your meal," says Biggest Loser contestant Bobby Moore. Then, when your food arrives, immediately put half of it in the box, he suggests. This way, you'll not only get used to eating smaller portions, but you'll have a snack for later.
 Remember: Self-esteem feeds on self-esteem. Accomplishing a little something toward your weight loss goal every day will not only get you on the road to success, but help keep you there. "You are not just losing weight, you are changing your life and your lifestyle," says Alexander. "If you keep that in mind, you come to see that every change, no matter how small, comes together to make a huge difference in not only your weight, but your life," says Alexander.

You guys are all doing great!
I'm so glad I've had the chance to do this with you guys. 
Now, Helena you need a webcam so we can ALL work out together! :-)

Monday, October 18, 2010


Last weeks challenge went pretty well, I ate breakfast every morning and added an extra arm workout into the mix(which is impressive because I HATE working out my arms with a passion... but I did a 30 minute hard core arm workout...) I have been doing 4-5 workouts a week lately but I only did two last week... And because of that, I really noticed a difference on how I feel. I was more down and didn't feel as good about myself, I don't really have an excuse why I only did 2 workouts, except life got in the way but life will always get in the way if you let it. I sometimes beat myself up about not doing as well as I should have but instead I am going to just be more motivated to do better this week! I enjoy working out hard and when I don't feel like it, I know I really need to force myself to just do it anyway... I can't afford not to, there are too many benefits to working out for me!
Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I didn't post on my day AND I didn't post about last weeks challenge... Wow I need to step up my game!

I was able to do half of the challenge (technically I was 'able' to do it all but I only ended up doing half of it...) I did the 30 Day Shred 3 times last week AND I did it on level 2 (I know, I rock) I also played racquetball once (racquetball was not part of the challenge but I thought I would let you all know about it)

I didn't however, do the complement part of the challenge... I know it was supposed to be the easiest part of last weeks challenge but things kept getting in the way of me seeing or interacting with people! I spent most of last week searching the internet for a car (our lovely old one decided to die on the freeway...) I was stuck at home and desperate to find something that fit in our price range! Fortunately after much searching and test driving my husband and I finally found one that worked, unfortunately it wasn't until this Monday and by then, the challenge was over!
I am however set on rocking this weeks challenge (so far so good!)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How's it going?

So I decided against focusing on my eyebrows or cheekbones. The reason is because I can't find any workouts for them. Lame!

After this disappointment, I decided to work on my legs.

But then I realized that level 2 of the 30 Day Shred -which is the level we are currently doing- kills my arms and shoulders. So, I switched, and I am focusing on my arms.

By the end of the week I will have done level 2 of the 30 Day Shred twice, pull ups, and probably more workouts that focus on the arms.

What did you decide to work on?

As for the breakfast thing, I haven't done 100%
But I'm hoping to end the week stronger than I started it.

Also, I'm worried I'm getting sick.
So, we'll see if all this working out has helped my immune system as I hoped.

You can

I just love this girl. She always has so many cool things to say. Things that stood out from this weeks post are:

Do not tell me you cannot do this. Because I will give you a hundred reasons why you CAN.

Do not tell me that you are a failure because haven’t lost any pounds this week/month/quarter/whatever. Because I will point out all of the areas you have succeeded and moved forward in.

Do not tell me you have no one to support you on this journey. Because I can give you a list of at least 30 individuals that will send you an email or call you on the phone NOW to help you – and with nothing in return. (They are just cool like that.)

Do not tell me you were meant to be fat and unhappy. Because I will tell you the truth whether you like it or not – and that truth is that no one is MEANT to be fat OR unhappy.

Do not tell me that you cannot go to the gym because you cannot afford it. Because there is ALWAYS a way to afford the gym or the Y or workout at home if you cut from your budget and want it bad enough.

Do not tell me you cannot do this because it is too hard. Because I will tell you living as a prisoner in your own body is much harder than living a healthy life.

Love her.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Last Weeks Challenge

As you may recall I was sick last week, and I wasn't able to do the Shred, or any workouts, for a while.
Because of this I had a late start on doing the Shred, and I only did it twice...

But I did it twice!

It's rare that I do the Shred more than once a week, and it's even more uncommon for me to do it two days in a row. Which was what had to be done.

I'm thinking I'll work on my eyebrow, or cheeks this week. But I'll let you know for sure when I post on Wednesday.

What area of your body will you be working on this week?

Weekly Challenge #11

I'm late. Again. Sorry guys.

In case you are new:

Each week we are given two challenges. These challenges will start on Sunday (usually) and go through the following Saturday. (click here to learn more about our weekly challenges)

At the end of the week, we will each write a post explaining our experiences with the challenges.

BE HONEST. If you failed the challenge, tell us why. If you rocked it, tell us how. Most importantly, tell us how you feel about it.

This week's challenges

Physical Challenge: Focus!

Choose one area of your body, and really focus on that for the rest of the week. Your legs, your butt, your abs, your arms, your chest, your eyebrows, etc. Wherever you really want to see a difference.

For example: Say you choose your legs. This week you will do a lot of running, lunging, stair stepping, and jump roping. You may even head to the gym, and use the leg options on one of those complicated weight machines.

You can do still your regular stuff, but try to really focus, and add some intense exercise on whatever part of your body you choose.

Nutritional Challenge: Eat Breakfast

You've heard it before: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

But why? According to The Mayo Clinic, Breakfast has a lot of benefits:

* Eating breakfast reduces your hunger later in the day, making it easier to avoid overeating. When you skip breakfast, you may feel ravenous later and be tempted to reach for a quick fix, such as candy from the vending machine. In addition, prolonged fasting — which occurs when you skip breakfast — can increase your body's insulin response, which in turn increases fat storage and weight gain. In fact, skipping breakfast actually increases your risk of obesity.
* Eating breakfast gets you on track to make healthy choices all day. People who eat breakfast regularly tend to eat a healthier diet — one that is more nutritious and lower in fat. When you skip breakfast, you're more likely to skip fruits and vegetables the rest of the day too.
* Eating breakfast gives you energy, increasing your physical activity during the day. A healthy breakfast refuels your body and replenishes the glycogen stores that supply blood sugar (glucose). Skipping breakfast is associated with decreased physical activity.

-The Mayo Clinic

And more specifically,

People who skip breakfast are generally heavier than people who eat a nutritious breakfast.
-Mr. Healthy

And so this week, we are going to focus on eating something healthy before we run out the door.


Don't give up! Keep going!! You are almost there!!!! Those motivational things sound good in my head, but when it's cold and I'm huddled in a blanket, it's hard to want to hear the pushing of Jillian. Due to my lack of movement, I only did the shred.,.....once. with Amber. Lame sauce.
Compliments were easy. I love people. :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Shred

Because I was sick on Monday I missed doing the shred with Annie and Amber.
On Tuesday I was still a little sick, and I was very tired. So I didn't do it then either.
Yesterday I left work early to do some shopping and got my hair done, I didn't get home til pretty late so I had absolutely no time.

It looks like to ace this challenge I'm going to have to do the shred a few days in a row.

...and it will probably kill me.

How are you guys coming with the challenges?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sorry guys...

I feel badly for not posting my weekly update sooner. 

But in my defense Sunday night was spend curled up in a ball on my living room floor, being unable to move because of the excruciating pain my stomach was in.

I was still feeling some sharp pains yesterday, but I've only experienced one sharp pain so far today!
So I'm hoping that's over. For good.

I did the challenges! I decided that since I am already very strict about my water intake, I would also keep a food diary. This was a challenge a while ago, and I did it for that week, but didn't keep up with it. At all.

So, it was a good exercise. But I still don't think I'll keep up with it :-P


Guys, I love Netflix. I watch stuff a lot. Especially their documentaries.

Michael and I have learned tons about health from said documentaries. Recently we watched one about stress. And man, that stuff really messes with you.

One thing I thought you would all find interesting (and will maybe help with losing weight) is that when you are stressed your body changes the way you gain weight.

For example, if someone normally gains weight pretty evenly throughout their body, when they get stressed it goes mostly to the stomach area. Interesting, huh?

Also when you're stressed it is harder for your body to lose weight.

It also affects the way you age. If you are stressed, in one year your body can look (and physically change) as if you have aged 6 years!

So, I know I've talked a lot about stress lately, but it's just so important for us to find ways to relieve that stress, and avoid getting even more stressed.

I hope you found that interesting too!
But don't worry, I'll stop talking about stress now :-)

By the way, you are all doing awesomely!

Why am I limping, you ask?

Hey guys. I've been doing really good this week. Where should I start...?

Well. Let's begin with portion size. This week I've been trying to eat until I should stop, and not until my plate is empty (this is for when Kurt dishes up our dinner, and my plate is piled half way to the ceiling).

And if I'm the one serving the food, I try to put a more reserved amount on my plate.

And then, I drink a glass of water before I start chewing.

And then, I eat my modest plate full, and sit back for 5 minutes or so before considering seconds.

Usually, I will just eat and eat until the food is gone, or I start to feel full. The problem with this is my "you're full, stop eating" reflex doesn't kick in until about 5 minutes after I'm full. So by then? I'm stuffed.

Also. I've been bringing carrots and bananas and other veggies to work for my lunch. This way I can chow down on healthy stuff while I sit for 8 hours straight, and the fiber fills me up.

So... that has nothing to do with our challenges. But I'm proud of myself.

AND THEN. Last night I went to Yoga.

It was really nice and relaxing, but also tough. I would definitely be sore from it today. Except I stayed for the next class, which was Pilates and HOLY FREAKING COW. I can barely walk. Or type. My body is in so much pain.

It's crazy how different it is in a class as apposed to on a DVD. You can definitely get a good workout from a DVD. But for me, there's just something about a teacher staring at you that makes you want to give it your all.

It was intense.

And.... that's all I've got right now.

How has your week gone so far?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ice cream!

I found the best recipe this weekend. I thought it was so cool I made it for work Monday morning. It contains 1 ingredient. Any Guesses? Ice cream! 

Here's  the scoop! (ha ha) 

Take brown spotted bananas. Cut into chunks and freeze for 2 hours. Take them out of the freezer and put them in the food processor. Mix until a creamy soft serve consistency. Put in bowl. Try it! So good huh? (I can't actually say that since I personally don't like it, but my friends did!) There is no added cream or sugar! You can put it into the freezer again for a more hard ice cream. You can add toppings or even mix things into the food processor while it is going. 

Super Healthy,  Super Yummy! 

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's 7am. Do you know where your sister is?

I almost drank all the water. But I peed so much, you'd think I had aced it! And I did pilates once.

AND Kurt did the Shred with me! It kicked his butt (he used heavy weights), and he is going to do it with me every day. That's the plan at least. He was all "I want to lose 20 lbs in 30 days!!"

So yay for extra motivation.

AND I just bought a month of unlimited yoga classes! Here is the link, in case you are curious. And here is the schedule. I am going to try and go to the 7am ones (no really, I am!)

Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week Review

I did the shred twice. Monday and Tuesday. I told Amber I am not sure how people can do it for 30 days! Nuts! 


I had a bad food week. I ate too much,and not of the right stuff. Boo Me. 

Pilates? I watched it on you tube. Does that count? The lady I watched had a cool tattoo. Actually, I do plan on trying some things from the you tube pilates I did see. 

I am excited for the 3 day shred. Plus water Zumba on Sat! 915am! 

Weekly Challenge #10

Oh that's right, who's on time this week?

In case you are new:

Each week we are given two challenges. These challenges will start on Sunday (usually) and go through the following Saturday. (click here to learn more about our weekly challenges)

At the end of the week, we will each write a post explaining our experiences with the challenges.

BE HONEST. If you failed the challenge, tell us why. If you rocked it, tell us how. Most importantly, tell us how you feel about it.

This week's challenges

Physical Challenge: 30 Day shred
All of us are doing it. But this week? We are going to do it 3 times. Intense? Very. But also effective.

Before you start plotting my death, give it a try. And remember that I didn't actually come up with this one.

Self Esteem Challenge: Compliments

This week we are going to try and appreciate the small and unique things about ourselves, by making sure to notice similar things in the people around us.

Open your eyes, and take a look at the people you see every day. Sometimes you stop noticing them when you see them all the time. But what makes them special, unique, and beautiful?

And why aren't you telling them about it?

When you notice something you admire, let the person know. Sincere compliments can make a person's day. By noticing things in others, and letting them know, maybe we will start seeing the beauty in ourselves a little bit more.

I hesitate to give a number, but try to give out at least 10 sincere compliments this week. And then come on back here, and let us know what you found beautiful.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Weeks Challenge

I totally aced it :) I did the challenge and did it well, I ended up doing 2 days of pilates (yup I went above and beyond) I also did 2 days of 'the shred' (on level 2, bonus! It wasn't a part of the challenge but I wanted to report on this weeks progress) and I drank all my water! It may not seem like much (...well the shred does) but I really feel accomplished, I think it has to do with reaching my goals (even when they are small and not super crazy) :) I have really enjoyed having our weekly challenges, I take them seriously and feel great when I do them well, and when I don't do too well... I just take it as motivation to do better next week!

Ps. I don't have dog, I just found that picture and he isn't flipping you off (I think...) but it just really excited... Maybe he is saying 'I'm #1'...

Annie, age 29

About Annie

With everything I am responsible for at home, my ridiculous work schedule and my health problems, it makes it hard to keep working out on the front burner. But when I heard about this blog, I thought 'why not!'. I'm excited to get started and hopefully I won't die of exhaustion when this is all over!

Heléna, age 26

About Helena

I can't fit into my clothes! After getting married and being forced to eat my own cooking, I started gaining weight. The desk job didn't really help. I gained 30 lbs in the past year, and I can really feel it when I try to get dressed in the morning. I am really good at starting diet and exercise programs; but really bad at finishing them. And that's all about to change...

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