Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last Week...

I can't believe it's almost been 3 months already!
It doesn't feel like it.

I'm glad we'll be starting it up again though, because I've been having a lot of fun with challenges and working out and everything.

Last week went well for me, I had breakfast almost every morning, and I added some workouts for my arms.

On Saturday my husband sang at a womens conference that his sister was speaking at, it was all about women, food and how to get healthy.

It was awesome.

We didn't know what the conference was about prior to getting there, otherwise I would have invited everyone to it. The stories people shared were amazing about how they changed their lives, got over food addictions, and got healthy.

One of the tips I heard was to always bring gum with you. So, the idea is that when you are at a function and see the dessert table you just pop in some gum instead of brownies.

Another tip that really stuck with me was when one of the speakers was sharing her experiences: she said "when you shed the weight on the outside, you need to shed the 'weight' on the inside. Get rid of any negative thoughts and feelings you have about yourself. Let it go, just like your weight."

And lastly, this same lady said this when sharing her story "I finally learned how to eat to live, instead of living to eat."  I liked that.

Anyway, it was a good conference :-)

And while I'm sharing tips here are some tips from "The Biggest Loser"

"Eat often -- snack often," says Alexander.  While this may seem contrary to traditional dieting advice, the chef says that as long as you keep an eye on calories and portions, eating often will stave off hunger attacks that ultimately sabotage your diet.

 "Instead of watching the clock during workouts, listen to music," to make the time go faster,says Erik Chopin, TheBiggest Loser's season-three winner.Lyons reminds us that everyday activities, like bike riding, tossing a Frisbee, or walking your dog, count as physical activity, too.
 "When eating out, always ask for a 'to-go' box -- at the start of your meal," says Biggest Loser contestant Bobby Moore. Then, when your food arrives, immediately put half of it in the box, he suggests. This way, you'll not only get used to eating smaller portions, but you'll have a snack for later.
 Remember: Self-esteem feeds on self-esteem. Accomplishing a little something toward your weight loss goal every day will not only get you on the road to success, but help keep you there. "You are not just losing weight, you are changing your life and your lifestyle," says Alexander. "If you keep that in mind, you come to see that every change, no matter how small, comes together to make a huge difference in not only your weight, but your life," says Alexander.

You guys are all doing great!
I'm so glad I've had the chance to do this with you guys. 
Now, Helena you need a webcam so we can ALL work out together! :-)


Amber on October 28, 2010 at 11:25 PM said...

That sounds like it was super helpful! Really motivational too!


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