Thursday, May 19, 2011

Season 4: Chantel

Hey ladies! My name is Chantel, and I love those ladies you can see on the right of the screen. they are awesome.

Can I just tell you that I'm psyched about this season!! It's going to be loads of fun.
I did really well with the challenges last cycle and I'm hoping to do just as good, if not better, this time around!

My diet is to avoid dairy, which will be a little harder than I had originally anticipated because Michael's family is Italian, and they love their cheeses. But it's totally doable! I'll just be looking forward to my cheat days ;-P

Some of my goals are to get a little more toned, do well in the challenges, start running more often and to become a stronger swimmer. I am not a good swimmer. I never have been, and I have a slight fear of drowning which doesn't make it any easier to improve. Any tips?

One thing I do to try and keep my motivation is to think about you guys. Thinking about you helps me to keep going, because I know that that helps you guys to keep going.

I have a hard time maintaining my motivation when it's the weekend, when I'm out of town or sick.

Let's get this party started!



Annie, age 29

About Annie

With everything I am responsible for at home, my ridiculous work schedule and my health problems, it makes it hard to keep working out on the front burner. But when I heard about this blog, I thought 'why not!'. I'm excited to get started and hopefully I won't die of exhaustion when this is all over!

Heléna, age 26

About Helena

I can't fit into my clothes! After getting married and being forced to eat my own cooking, I started gaining weight. The desk job didn't really help. I gained 30 lbs in the past year, and I can really feel it when I try to get dressed in the morning. I am really good at starting diet and exercise programs; but really bad at finishing them. And that's all about to change...

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