Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Week Late!

Once again I didn't blog last week but I have a very good reason ( I use the term 'good' loosely). I was busy reading, obsessively mind you, the hunger games... I spent all my free time curled up with the books in the hunger games series. I know.. I'm so behind in the times, most people have read these books already but I held out. Everyone kept saying how good they were but they were 'sooo violent', I don't like violent books, I am pretty picky about what I like to read and something like that just didn't appeal to me. Finally I caved when pretty much everyone I knew had read them and raved about them and also, I didn't have anything to read... I was pleasantly surprised, sure they had some violence but when I heard 'violence' I was thinking 'gore' and I don't like gore, but they weren't like that at all! I had a good time reading the series last week and even though I definitely slacked off on my blogging and workouts, it was worth it (but having the occasional indulgent week is healthy... right?). So now I am back, I did do some of the challenges last week, I tired myself out going up and down the stairs all but one day. Not too shabby, right? But I didn't ever go out to get all the leafy greens I needed (again because of the hunger game books...) but I am excited to try Annie's way to eat Kale (never thought I would say that!). Now that I am done with the series, I think this week is going to go well! I have a few new workout DVD's i'm excited to try, so hopefully I will be very productive this week with my workouts :)


Chantel on April 7, 2011 at 6:29 PM said...

I'm glad you liked the books. Good work on reading them :-) And very nicely done with the stairs! That's great!

And yes, it is healthy to indulge every once in a while :)

Larissa on April 9, 2011 at 8:51 PM said...

yea well you were working out your mind (or at least your reading skills) and they are called Hunger Games so they relate to this blog (: Anyway those were fast entertaining reads that were hard to put down!


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