Monday, November 1, 2010

Season Two

Well our three month challenge has come to an end and we are all ready for Season Two (as my husband refers to it) These past three months we all learned a lot, we are stronger then we think, sometimes people decide to quit, motivation is hard to find, we need to push harder and there are many different benefits to working out (that is just to name a few!)! We have really learned and now it is time to incorporate all those lessons and become unstoppable!

We are Back (well most of us!) Chantel, Helena, Annie and Amber! We are also bring on a new member to our team Katy (notice the spelling is different then our old Katie, and that is because she really is a different person) . She will be introducing herself shortly.

November 1st marks the day we start new! Three more months with a few new twists!

Here are the rules for
Reasons To Lose (Season Two)

  1. The contest will last for three months
  2. Each person gets to chose their own workout and eating plan
  3. Everyone will post about their progress at least once a week
  4. Everyone will work out at least twice a week
  5. The challenges are optional but encouraged
  6. The winner gets to choose their prize (and the losers provide it)

To be able to qualify to win, you must follow these rules! So get your $20 ready everybody and Let's do this thing!


Chantel on November 1, 2010 at 9:54 PM said...

WOOT! Bring it on Season Two! Bring it on


Annie, age 29

About Annie

With everything I am responsible for at home, my ridiculous work schedule and my health problems, it makes it hard to keep working out on the front burner. But when I heard about this blog, I thought 'why not!'. I'm excited to get started and hopefully I won't die of exhaustion when this is all over!

Heléna, age 26

About Helena

I can't fit into my clothes! After getting married and being forced to eat my own cooking, I started gaining weight. The desk job didn't really help. I gained 30 lbs in the past year, and I can really feel it when I try to get dressed in the morning. I am really good at starting diet and exercise programs; but really bad at finishing them. And that's all about to change...

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